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The main application of activated carbon

Water purification activated carbon can be widely used in chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, food and water, industrial water, filtered solution, adsorption purification, removing impurities, can also be used for industrial wastewater purification. Can effectively remove the odor, chlorine, cyanide and heavy metal ions and other harmful substances and decolorization

Water purification series of activated carbon using coconut shell as raw material, the use of advanced production technology refined processing, products have developed pore structure, high strength, low content of impurities, the appropriate particle size, small resistance, easy regeneration and so on. Has an excellent effect on water purification, it can not only remove the stink smell, improve the purity of the water. The water impurities such as chlorine, phenol, cyanide, arsenic, lead, pesticides and other harmful substances have a high removal rate. Loading can be widely used in all kinds of big, in, small water purifier.

The city is mainly used for drinking water, pure water, distilled water, ultrapure water manufacturing equipment fill, dechlorination, drop purification oil purification and various kinds of industrial sewage depth.

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