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Manganese sand filter material can be used as oxidant

Manganese sand filter is a kind of strong oxidant, can oxidation of iron. Hydrochloric acid can be dissolved in water price, not in the application of acidic water. Groundwater treatment, it has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation, small occupied area, low construction cost, long-term stability, the service cycle in 5 years, easy to manage, do not add any chemicals to water to remove iron, manganese, arsenic and other harmful substances, water quality fully meet the national standards for drinking water, groundwater treatment is a very good filter. As the main form of manganese manganese sand filter with manganese dioxide as the main purpose, the user can according to the different treatment. At present, the use of natural MnO2 In addition to iron ore, the principle has two kinds: one kind is based on the so-called membrane effect, manganese sand surface has a layer of strong oxidation. The other is itself anti iron catalysis of manganese ore, two valent iron catalyzed water into ferric iron, then ferric manganese ore particles in thousands of attachment the surface to remove iron. Natural manganese dioxide can two valent iron oxide in water for the removal of ferric precipitation, make the water clean. Manganese dioxide is dissolved oxygen in the water into the oxidation of manganese oxide. This heptavalent then two valent iron manganese oxide water into ferric iron.

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